IAAC Group is one of the biggest Russian companies providing actuarial consulting services in the area of insurance, pension provisions, different social security systems. 

The Group comprises non-profit organization “Independent Actuarial Information Analytical Centre” and consulting company “International Actuarial Advisory Company”.


“Independent Actuarial Information Analytical Centre”, one of the first Russian actuarial undertakings, was established in 2000 on the basis of the Actuarial Centre of Bauman Moscow State Technological University. In 2008 the Centre became one of the founders of the International Actuarial Advisory Company.

The Group’s main activities

  • Actuarial expertise of different systems of social insurance and pension provisions, social draft laws and policy recommendations development;

  • Development of mathematical models and software for the analysis and modeling of the social systems; 

  • Independent researches of insurance and pension market; 

  • Actuarial and consultancy services (product development, premium rating, loss reserving, loss ratio assessment and other services) for insurance companies; 

  • Actuarial services and actuarial valuation, other consultancy services for non state pension funds; 

  • Valuation of enterprises’ pension and other social liabilities according to IAS (Employee Benefits).

“Independent Actuarial Information Analytical Centre” is accredited by the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation as a scientific organization and is a member of the Association of Russian Economic Think Tanks. It is also licensed as an actuarial organization for pension funds by Non State Pension Funds Inspection. 

The Centre has an extensive experience of cooperation with international organizations and foundations (The World Bank, EU TACIS program, USAID, Pragma Corporation and so on). The activities of the Group in the post-USSR area were focused on the pension and other social system development and the promotion of actuarial profession in CIS countries (Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia).

The Centre edits the first professional actuarial magazine “Actuariy” that inherited Information and Analytical Bulletin with the same title created in 2000 and published occasionally.

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